Education and Research System

Faculty Member List

The program’s multidisciplinary educational structure comprises a total of 133 teachers (38 from the University of Tsukuba, 59 from National Taiwan University, 36 from the University of Bordeaux) in the fields of medicine (environmental medicine, public health), life sciences (microbiology, cell biology) and agriculture (horticulture, plant thremmatology, plant physiology, plant pathology, plant parasitology, food engineering, animal science). A survey is conducted into students’ preferred research advisors in which students choose one main research advisor (from their home university) and two deputy research advisors (from the other universities) for guidance while writing their special subject research reports (link) needed for graduation. As a rule, students are recommended to make multidisciplinary choices from across the fields of life sciences, medicine and agriculture.

University of Tsukuba (UT)

Junichi P. AbeAssistant ProfessorPlant protection scienceHP
Yumi AbikoAssistant ProfessorEnvironmental and hygienic pharmacyHP
Masahiro AkiyamaAssistant ProfessorEnvironmental medical scienceHP
Hiroshi EzuraProfessorPlant biotechnologyHP
Koichi HashimotoProfessorMedical PharmacyHP
Masao IchikawaProfessorGlobal healthHP
Yutaka KitamuraProfessorAgricultural environmental engineeringHP
Yoshito KumagaiProfessorEnvironmental medical scienceHP(1)
Fabien LombardoAssistant ProfessorPlant scienceHP
Chiaki MatsukuraProfessorPlant nutrition/Soil scienceHP(1)
Masayuki MatsumotoProfessorNeurophysiologyHP
Kazuya MorikawaProfessorBacterial geneticsHP
Osamu OhnedaProfessorStem cell biologyHP
Ryosuke OhniwaAssociate ProfessorIntegrated Study on Health InformationHP(1)
Yuichi YamaokaProfessorPlant protection scienceHP
Ling ZhengAssistant ProfessorExperimental pathologyHP
Yasuhiro ShinkaiAssociate ProfessorToxicologyHP

National Taiwan University (NTU)

Chang-Chuan ChanProfessorEnvironmental Epidemiology and Global healthHP
Nei-Li ChanProfessorStructural biology
Shan-Chwen ChangProfessorInfectious diseasesHP
Ming-Ju ChenProfessorAnimal-based foodstuffHP
Shih-Kuo ChenAssistant ProfessorNeurobiology
Show-Li ChenProfessorVirus and cancer
Suming ChenProfessorAnalytical engineering of bioresourcesHP
Wei J. ChenProfessorGenetic mental illnessHP(1)
Kuan-Chen ChengAssociate ProfessorDevelopment of functional food
Chih-Kang ChiangAssociate ProfessorToxicologyHP
Chun-Pin ChiangProfessorOral pathologyHP
Han-Yi E. ChouAssociate ProfessorStem cell and nanobiotechnologyHP(1)
Shih-Torng DingProfessorScience of animal lipidsHP(1)
Shih-Tong JengProfessorHP
Bor-Shiunn LeeProfessorOral biomedical engineering
Chien-Kuo LeeAssociate ProfessorMolecular immunologyHP
Hsinyu LeeProfessorSignal transductionHP(1)
Shyh-Jye LeeProfessorAnimal embryology
Tsai-Kun LiProfessorDrug and health food product developmentHP
Jing-Jer LinProfessorTelomeres and cancerHP
Li-Deh LinProfessorHP
Nai-Chun LinAssociate ProfessorIntraction between microbes and plants
Shih-Shun LinAssociate ProfessorOmics of plant genes
Je-Ruei LiuProfessorFunctional foodHP
Huu-Sheng LurProfessorHP
Shi-Chuen MiawAssociate ProfessorImmunology
Ming-Yuan MinProfessorNeurobiology
Ning-Sing ShawProfessorMolecular NutritionHP
Tang-Long ShenProfessorApplied microbiologyHP(1)
Fuu SheuProfessorFood safety
Yuan-Tay ShyuProfessorFood biotechnology, microbiology, agricultural policyHP
Shu-Chun TengProfessorChromatin movement and agingHP(1)
Chau-Ti TingAssociate ProfessorGenomic evolutionHP(1)
Shu-Jen WangProfessorHP
Hung-Chih YangAssociate ProfessorSyphilis and immunity

University of Bordeaux (UB)

Isabelle AccoceberryMaître de ConférencesInfectious mycology and parasitology
Blanchard AlainProfesseurMicrobiology
Gérard BarrosoMaître de ConférencesBiology, Biotechnology and phylogeny of fungi
Catherine Bennetau-PelisseroProfesseurAnimal Sciences and Health-NutritionHP(1)
Pierre-Francois BertMaître de ConférencesPlant Breeding and genetics
Laure BevenMaître de ConférencesBacteriology and Biochemistry
Stéphanie CluzetMaître de ConférencesPlant cell biology and Plant molecular biology
Antoine de DaruvarProfesseurBioinformatics
Fredéric DelmasMaître de ConférencesPlant development and Plant Molecular BiologyHP(1)
Muriel DenayrollesMaître de ConférencesMicrobial quality of Food-Stuff
Véronique DuboisProfesseurInfectious bacteriology-resistance
Guillaume DurandMaître de ConférencesQuality of meat and animal based food-stuffHP
Marie-Pierre Ellies-OuryMaître de ConférencesQuality of meat and animal based food-stuffHP(1)
Philippe GallusciProfesseurPlant Epigenetic and Plant Molecular Biology
Frédéric GevaudantMaître de ConférencesPlant development and Plant Molecular Biology
Eric GomèsProfesseurPlant physiology, Plant pathology, Functional GenomicsHP
Benoit GrossiordMaître de ConférencesMicrobial quality of Food-Stuff
Michel Hernould ProfesseurPlant Biology and BiotechnologyHP(1)
Claudine JacquotMaître de ConférencesFraud detection using DNA-based analysis
Michael KannProfesseurVirology-Host pathogen interaction
Dementhon KarineMaitre de ConferencesMicrobial molecular biologyHP(1)
Stéphanie KrisaMaître de ConférencesFunctional low moleculesHP(1)
Jochen LangProfesseurNutrition, physiological regulation and major human diseases
Nicolas LarmonierProfesseurMicrobiome and immunity
Virginie LauvergeatMaître de ConférencesPlant Biology, Plant Pathology, Functional GenomicsHP
Jean-Michel MérillonProfesseurPlant Chemistry and BiotechnologyHP(1)
Kentaro MoriMaître de ConférencesPlant physiology
Pierre PétriacqMaître de Conférences (Associate Professor)Metabolomics, Biology of Fruits and Pathology
Matthieu RaouxMaître de ConférencesBiosensor
Loïc RivièreMaître de ConférencesMolecular Parasitology
Dominique RolinProfesseurFunctional Genomics and Integrative Biology (Metabolomics and fluxomics)
Jean-Pierre SavineauProfesseurAminal Biology, physiological regulation and major human diseases
Valérie Schurdi-LevraudMaître de ConférencesPlant Breeding, Genetics and EvolutionHP
Patricia ThebaultMaitre de ConferencesBioinformaticsHP(1)
Noël ThierryProfesseurMicrobiology-Mycology-Molecular biologyHP
Claudine TrossatMaître de ConférencesPlant Biochemistry and Biology
Maria C. UrdaciProfesseurFraud detection using DNA-based analysisHP(1)