Education and Research System

Faculty Member List

The program’s multidisciplinary educational structure comprises a total of 133 teachers (38 from the University of Tsukuba, 59 from National Taiwan University, 36 from the University of Bordeaux) in the fields of medicine (environmental medicine, public health), life sciences (microbiology, cell biology) and agriculture (horticulture, plant thremmatology, plant physiology, plant pathology, plant parasitology, food engineering, animal science). A survey is conducted into students’ preferred research advisors in which students choose one main research advisor (from their home university) and two deputy research advisors (from the other universities) for guidance while writing their special subject research reports (link) needed for graduation. As a rule, students are recommended to make multidisciplinary choices from across the fields of life sciences, medicine and agriculture.

University of Tsukuba (UT)

Name Title Area HP
Junichi P. Abe Assistant Professor Plant Protection Science HP
Hiroshi Ezura Professor Plant Biotechnology HP
Koichi Hashimoto Professor Clinical and Translational Research Methodology HP
Masao Ichikawa Professor Global Public Health HP
Atsushi Ishii Professor Water Resources Management Engineering HP
Yutaka Kitamura Professor Agricultural Environmental Engineering HP
Tadachika Koganezawa Associate Professor Neurophysiology HP
Fabien Lombardo Assistant Professor Plant Molecular Biology HP
Kazuya Morikawa Professor Infection Biology (Bacteriology) HP
Norihiko Ohbayashi Associate Professor Cellular and Physiological Biology HP
Osamu Ohneda Professor Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology HP
Ryosuke Ohniwa Associate Professor Integrated Study on Health Information HP(1)
Hideyuki Shigemori Professor Natural Products Chemistry HP
Ling Zheng Assistant Professor Experimental Pathology HP

National Taiwan University (NTU)

Name Title Area HP
Chang-Chuan Chan Professor Environmental Epidemiology and Global health HP
Nei-Li Chan Professor Structural biology
Shan-Chwen Chang Professor Infectious diseases HP
Ming-Ju Chen Professor Animal-based foodstuff HP
Shih-Kuo Chen Assistant Professor Neurobiology
Show-Li Chen Professor Virus and cancer
Suming Chen Professor Analytical engineering of bioresources HP
Wei J. Chen Professor Genetic mental illness HP(1)
Kuan-Chen Cheng Associate Professor Development of functional food
Chih-Kang Chiang Associate Professor Toxicology HP
Chun-Pin Chiang Professor Oral pathology HP
Han-Yi E. Chou Associate Professor Stem cell and nanobiotechnology HP(1)
Shih-Torng Ding Professor Science of animal lipids HP(1)
Shih-Tong Jeng Professor HP
Bor-Shiunn Lee Professor Oral biomedical engineering
Chien-Kuo Lee Associate Professor Molecular immunology HP
Hsinyu Lee Professor Signal transduction HP(1)
Shyh-Jye Lee Professor Animal embryology
Tsai-Kun Li Professor Drug and health food product development HP
Jing-Jer Lin Professor Telomeres and cancer HP
Li-Deh Lin Professor HP
Nai-Chun Lin Associate Professor Intraction between microbes and plants
Shih-Shun Lin Associate Professor Omics of plant genes
Je-Ruei Liu Professor Functional food HP
Huu-Sheng Lur Professor HP
Shi-Chuen Miaw Associate Professor Immunology
Ming-Yuan Min Professor Neurobiology
Ning-Sing Shaw Professor Molecular Nutrition HP
Tang-Long Shen Professor Applied microbiology HP(1)
Fuu Sheu Professor Food safety
Yuan-Tay Shyu Professor Food biotechnology, microbiology, agricultural policy HP
Shu-Chun Teng Professor Chromatin movement and aging HP(1)
Chau-Ti Ting Associate Professor Genomic evolution HP(1)
Shu-Jen Wang Professor HP
Hung-Chih Yang Associate Professor Syphilis and immunity

University of Bordeaux (UB)

Name Title Area HP
Isabelle Accoceberry Maître de Conférences Infectious mycology and parasitology
Blanchard Alain Professeur Microbiology
Gérard Barroso Maître de Conférences Biology, Biotechnology and phylogeny of fungi
Catherine Bennetau-Pelissero Professeur Animal Sciences and Health-Nutrition HP(1)
Pierre-Francois Bert Maître de Conférences Plant Breeding and genetics
Laure Beven Maître de Conférences Bacteriology and Biochemistry
Stéphanie Cluzet Professeur Plant cell biology and Plant molecular biology
Antoine de Daruvar Professeur Bioinformatics
Fredéric Delmas Maître de Conférences Plant development and Plant Molecular Biology HP(1)
Muriel Denayrolles Maître de Conférences Microbial quality of Food-Stuff
Véronique Dubois Professeur Infectious bacteriology-resistance
Guillaume Durand Maître de Conférences Quality of meat and animal based food-stuff HP
Marie-Pierre Ellies-Oury Maître de Conférences Quality of meat and animal based food-stuff HP(1)
Philippe Gallusci Professeur Plant Epigenetic and Plant Molecular Biology
Frédéric Gevaudant Maître de Conférences Plant development and Plant Molecular Biology
Eric Gomès Professeur Plant physiology, Plant pathology, Functional Genomics HP
Benoit Grossiord Maître de Conférences Microbial quality of Food-Stuff
Michel Hernould Professeur Plant Biology and Biotechnology HP(1)
Claudine Jacquot Maître de Conférences Fraud detection using DNA-based analysis
Dementhon Karine Maitre de Conferences Microbial molecular biology HP(1)
Stéphanie Krisa Maître de Conférences Functional low molecules HP(1)
Jochen Lang Professeur Nutrition, physiological regulation and major human diseases
Nicolas Larmonier Professeur Microbiome and immunity
Virginie Lauvergeat Maître de Conférences Plant Biology, Plant Pathology, Functional Genomics HP
Kentaro Mori Maître de Conférences Plant physiology
Pierre Pétriacq Maître de Conférences (Associate Professor) Metabolomics, Biology of Fruits and Pathology
Matthieu Raoux Maître de Conférences Biosensor
Loïc Rivière Maître de Conférences Molecular Parasitology
Dominique Rolin Professeur Functional Genomics and Integrative Biology (Metabolomics and fluxomics)
Valérie Schurdi-Levraud Professeur Plant Breeding, Genetics and Evolution HP
Patricia Thebault Maitre de Conferences Bioinformatics HP(1)
Noël Thierry Professeur Microbiology-Mycology-Molecular biology HP
Claudine Trossat Maître de Conférences Plant Biochemistry and Biology
Maria C. Urdaci Professeur Fraud detection using DNA-based analysis HP(1)